West County Transportation Agency has a staff of California State Certified School Bus Driver Instructors. In addition to providing training for own staff, we open our training classes and in-service classes for all school bus drivers. Our training program is innovative and effective. We boast an extremely low accident and incident ratio. School bus driving is considered a 200% job. Drivers must place 100% of their attention on safely maneuvering a 12-ton bus over busy urban streets and narrow rural lanes and are also expected to give 100% of their attention to the students they transport. 

Here you will find Information and instructional materials to help school bus instructors in behind the wheel training, classroom training and office skills.

                 All instructional materials are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these files.

Some of these links take you outside of this website to Google Drive where you can download these programs. Powerpoint programs were developed in Powerpoint 2010, handouts, outlines are in pdf format. 


School Bus Drivers Classroom Study Guide

Reference material in the West County Transportation Agency School Bus Drivers Classroom Study Guide is derived from the Instructors Manual for California’s Bus Driver’s Training Course, California Vehicle Code Manual, California Highway Patrol Passenger Transportation Safety Handbook (82.7), California Code of Regulations, Federal Code of Regulations, California Drivers Handbook, California Commercial Drivers Handbook and resources from the World Wide Web.

This guide is specifically geared for the School Bus Driver.

This study guide is only as good as the instructor who uses it.  If you have the skills and ability to update this guide when new laws are enacted or regulations change then you are welcomed to do so.  I do update the guide prior to every class I teach however I cannot guarantee that I will upload the newer version. This guide is 589 pages long and may take time to download and print.  Please contact me if you find any errors or if you have any suggestions to make to this study guide better.

School Bus Drivers Classroom Study Guide


100 Air Mile Tool

BTW Delegated Skill Tests and Assessments
: These tests are to supplement the training given to an applicant by a California School Bus Driver Instructor in preparation for certification as a Delegate Behind the Wheel Instructor.  Taking these tests does not guarantee an understanding of the material required to become a Delegate or of passing the certification process.

These are written exams on the Behind the Wheel Guide
 Skills Level 1  Skills Level 4 
 Skills Level 2 Test # 1  Skills Level 5
 Skills Level 2 Test # 2  Skills Level 6
 Skills Level 3  Skills Level 7
Below are Assessment forms for each Skill Level in the Behind the Wheel Guide
General Information Assessment  
Skills Level 1 Assessment Skills Level 4 Assessment
Skills Level 2 Backing Assessment Skills Level 5 Assessment
Skills Level 2 Turning Assessment Skills Level 6 Assessment
Skills Level 3 Assessment Skills Level 7 Assessment


IN-SERVICE PROGRAMS School Bus Drivers in California are required to have 10 hours of training every year to maintain their California Special Drivers Certificate. We have developed numerous in-service programs for our drivers to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their career as a professional, caring school bus driver.   The skills and knowledge necessary to be successful ranges from vehicle components, defensive driving techniques, emergency procedures, field trip requirements, pupil management tips, special education, student loading, unloading procedures and much, much more. These links take you outside of this website to Google Drive where you can download these programs. Powerpoint programs were developed in Powerpoint 2010, handouts, outlines are in pdf format.  "Coming soon" programs will be available as time allows. Please let me know if any programs are not working correctly currently I am having some problems with movies not working in the powerpoint presentations.

 Activity Trips (Field Trips)  powerpoint program
 Instructors Note Pages  Drivers Handout
 Adverse Weather  powerpoint program
   Guide to winter driving
 Baseball Challenge  game
 school bus questions in baseball            game instructions
 game format 
 CASPER  The Friendly Ghost Vintage Commercial
 Cyberbaiting  powerpoint program
 Disaster Preparedness  powerpoint program
 Evacuations - Special Education  powerpoint program
  Class Feud Game
  Evacuation Training Handout
 Evacuations - Type 1 School Bus  powerpoint program
 Very similiar to Special Education  outline
 evacuation program Class Feud Game
 Head Lice Squares  game
 Mountain Driving - based on the   powerpoint program
California Department of Education  driver's handout
Instructors Mountain Training program  
 Night Driving  powerpoint program
 Railroad Crossing Safety  powerpoint program
   Driver's Handout
 Railroad Crossing Safety - 2013 ....1.2 MB  powerpoint program
   powerpoint notepages
   Driver's Handout
 Road Signs, Signals, & Markings ....5.0 MB  powerpoint program
   answer sheet
 Safety vs Risk   .... 40 MB  powerpoint program
  very large program - may take some Driver's handout
  time to download
 School Bus Jumble powerpoint show
         A fun word jumble game  
 Seizures & Epilepsy  powerpoint show
 Starting the Year off Right ....2.0 MB  powerpoint show
                     Short 14 minute video

This is a 14 minute movie (125 MB) that I made to entertain our drivers. It has youtube videos, pictures from the internet, etc. Be patient, depending on your connection and download traffic it may take a while to download.

 Student Loading and Unloading  coming soon
 ***Safety at the School Bus Stop  powerpoint program
Tips for Taking Control  powerpoint - coming soon
         pupil management program  
 Weapons and School Buses  powerpoint show
         Instructor's Note Pages  Driver's Handout

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Office Skills

The documents below are for instructors who may need a little guidance in how to write a letter. 

These are only suggestions, there are many ways to write or format letters based on what information you are requiring or releasing to a specific entity. 

Request for a Hearing

Behind in Hours

Verification of In-Service Hours

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Rail Safety Education

New School Bus Driver e-Learning Program : interactive online experience for public and private school bus drivers.

Written Exams

These practice tests were developed to help school bus driver’s study and prepare for the California Special Drivers Certificate exam given at the local California Highway Patrol Office. Taking and passing these tests does not guarantee success in passing the actual California Highway Patrol examinations.

CHP Practice Test #1

CHP Practice Test #2

First Aid Exam


I am now using Flash Jeopardy Game - this is a great program you can download for free from Super Teacher Tools Website. They have a game generator where you can make your own games.  You can download the game and the text files to use in a classroom setting. I highly recommend this program.

Bus Jeopardy Version 1

Bus Jeopardy Version 2

Bingo Games - Copyright 2001 by Steve Mashburn - All Rights Reserved : Below are some games I did using Steve Mashburn's master bingo template. 

These games are based on Microsoft Excel. You will need Excel installed on your computer to access these games and to print them.  Click on title and then "save as" so you can select the location on your computer to save the file to.  These games are limited to 25 bingo cards: if you have a larger group you can always print 2 sets of cards but be prepared for 2 winners each game. You can make your own games by downloading the master bingo template.

Bingo Laws and Regs # 1

Bingo Laws and Regs # 2

Bingo Laws and Regs # 3

Master Bingo Template

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