C.A.S.T.O ....California Association of School Transportation Officials

CASTO was founded in 1968 to promote safe pupil transportation for all California children. We are dedicated to the safety of all children through education and training in every avenue of transportation.

West County Transportation Agency 
Supports California Association of School Transportation Officials

A Professional Approach to Pupil Transportation

CASTO is recognized by State and Federal Agencies and other professional organizations as the leader of School Transportation Safety in California.

Activities throughout the state are coordinated by local chapters that meet once a month to discuss the latest programs and ideas in school pupil transportation. Local chapters sponsor safety workshops during the year. CASTO attracts over 10,000 members and guests to these annual activities.

The Casto Creed 

Why Join Casto?

CASTO Chapter 13 has this displayed on the 101 Hwy electronic sign in Rohnert Park at the beginning of the each school year.
 Hwy 101 Schools Open SignHwy 101 Stop for Red Lights Sign                                                                                                               

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