Pre Hire Interviews

Prior to being hired each driver must pass a series of tests. These include an interview process, a substance abuse test, criminal record check, a physical examination, and a review of their motor vehicle records.

Driver Training

Our drivers complete a minimum of 40 hours of initial training before being allowed to take the wheel of a school bus on their own. This includes classroom training covering numerous topics related to school bus safety and an extensive behind the wheel training geared to develop the highest skilled school bus drivers for our students.

On Going Training

Each driver attends a minimum of 10 hours of mandated training each year covering topics such as student loading and unloading, pupil management, defensive driving, first aid and emergency procedures. In addition each driver receives a ride-along evaluation from a supervisor or Driver Trainer each school year to evaluate their driving skills and pre-trip inspections.

Pre-Trip Inspections

Before any West County bus gets moving each day, the driver does a complete and thorough inspection to ensure the safety of our students.

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